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Crossfire analyzes issues around policing, brutality, race, law and order in a time when America is ablaze and divided. Half the nation rallies to support demoralized officers, and the other half demands reform and even calls for disbanding the police. Indeed, many in the latter group don’t join the debate at all, but instead violently riot in the streets. 

Lost in this cacophany are some very real questions: 

  • What is the actual data around crime and policing?
  • Does poverty cause crime?
  • Are police really responsible for mass abuses of minorities?
  • Who are these radicals rioting in the streets and what do they want?

Crossfire doesn’t ignore any inconvenient or uncomfortable truths, and approaches these questions from all angles. With fearless and relentless investigation of all the issues surrounding modern day policing, this movie aims to make you question everything you’ve heard about modern America.  


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